Best Selling Designer Perfume Inspired Wax Melts

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Best Selling Designer Perfume Inspired Wax Melts

We all know that feeling… when you spray your favourite scent at the start of the day. You feel amazing right? Your confidence goes through the roof and you feel as fresh as a daisy. Well, now you can have that same feeling and that same confidence. But instead, it’s your home that smells so good! If you want your home to smell amazing, it’s our Designer Perfume Wax Melts that will do the trick…

What are Designer Scented Perfume Wax Melts?

Just like ordinary Wax Melts they are infused with fragrance oils, but the difference is in the scent. Designer Inspired Wax Melts combine the scent of well known perfume aromas with the versatility of soy wax to make a perfume perfect for your home. Check out our latest article on Designer Perfume Wax Melts - Here.

Okay, first up we have the almighty Sauvage inspired by Dior. Sauvage is a

Sauvage Mini Heart Wax Melts

modern, contemporary fragrance that never disappoints! A very manly scent which portrays strength, dominance and power. If you hadn’t realised yet, then YES! This is a very masculine scent which is perfect for your home to wow your guests.

The Sauvage perfume is one of the greatest fragrances ever made, it's still a best seller today and it’s been around for years. This scent has stood the test of time

Sauvage Snap Bar

and will suit your home perfectly. The designer inspired wax melt will bring a sense of tranquillity to your room allowing you to sit back and relax, knowing full well that your wax melt aroma is pleasing your guests.




Lady Million Best Selling Snap Bar

Moving on, we have another well-known designer inspired wax melt which comes in the form of Lady Million! This luxury wax melt scent is inspired by the fragrance house Paco Rabanne and, well… let’s just say you need to make your room smell of this wax melt! This wax melt has been tried and tested and we can confirm that this SMELLS GOOD! Honestly, this aroma holds an aromatic scent which is invigorating but at the same time warm and inviting. A perfect blend which creates a seductive mood. It has top notes of orange followed by raspberry and neroli, combined with hints of floral notes of orange blossom and Arabian jasmine. If that isn’t enough, this wax melt also holds base notes of patchouli, honey and amber. All of this creates a meaningful scent with lots of depth. If your ‘umming’ and ‘arring’ on whether you should grab this, seriously… you won’t be disappointed!


Now, this next scent is the ultimate wax melt! It’s at the pinnacle of luxury and has a unique smell which will leave your guests stunned by the aroma.

Creed Aventus Wax Melt Skulls

Seriously, this wax melt means business! Ladies and gents, we present to you… Creed Aventus!

Now, some of yours jaws would have just dropped, and for some of you you are probably scratching your heard thinking… ‘never heard of it!’ Well, let us tell you something, if you are yet to discover Creed Aventus then your about to find the eighth wonder of the world! If you know Creed Aventus, you know what we’re talking about ;)

This sent has a woody blend of rose, jasmine, patchouli and oak-moss with ambergris and vanilla! In general terms, the dream combo! Creed Aventus has an exclusive scent which smells luxury. It will convert your home to a 5 star luxury hotel status! What better way to impress your guests? If you haven’t guessed already… we seriously love this scent and are sure you will too!


Izzy Miyake Best selling wax melts

Furthermore, another designer inspired wax melt is Izzy Miyake. This scent was made with nature in mind. Blending the four components of nature: water, earth, fire and air. This combination poses hot and cold throughout it’s scent. It’s a woody aquatic wax melt with notes of bergamot, lemon and tarragon. The middle note is spicy and woody and the end note carries an intense woody scent. All of these components nicely tying into the theme of nature! This designer inspired wax melt will make a lovely addition to your room.


Olympea Perfume Inspired Wax Melts

Finally, we have Olympea. Inspired by the fragrance house Paco Rabanne. It’s a fresh oriental scent which is based on sensual vanilla undertones to the cashmere wood base! We are sure this scent won’t disappoint. Olympea is a very distinctive fragrance which will demand attention from the first few minutes! The scent is a very sophisticated blend of florals which gives the wax melt versatility. If your having a nice dinner date from home then this is the wax melt for you! It's a stand out scent which will not go un-noticed!


As a Bonus Designer inspired scent we have Gucci Rush, over the last few weeks at aroma luxe HQ we have seen a surge of orders for this scent which we needed to double up on batches. This is a timeless fragrance with sharp, oriental, woody tones, complimented with top notes of bergamot, peony and freesia. We’re not too surprised this made it to our best-selling list as this late 90’s fragrance brings back those memories of simpler times.


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