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Car diffusers… what’s the point? Firstly, car diffusers are a great way to improve your driving experience. We must all have had those moments where we pluck up the motivation to have a clean car, but after a week of it being clean, the dust begins to settle and the rubbish piles up in every compartment! Well, a great way to solve this is by using diffusers for your car… Well, the diffuser isn’t exactly an instant clean, but it’s half way there! How To Use A Car Diffuser Step 1. Unscrew cap and remove stopper. Fill or refill if...

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Bath bombs… what a beautiful thing. There’s something about a bath bomb that creates a magical moment of true bliss.

So, first things first, what exactly is a bath bomb!

A bath bomb, oh yes we’re going scientific here! A bath bomb in it’s true form is just a mix of sodium bicarbonate mixed with citric acid infused with all the other good stuff we know and love bath bombs for.

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Wow, what a year that has been! 2021 has thrown us a few curveballs, we have adapted, changed, moved on but most importantly… we got through it!

We’ve had the Pandemic, celebrations and devastations but with all that behind us, there is only one way to look. Forwards!

We plan to add new wax melt products, with better packaging + lots more scents and a new line from Aroma Luxe.

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It’s that time of year again, the days are getting shorter, dark nights, cold mornings! We love it because it also means something else… Christmas is almost here, So we have created a top 10 gift guide for wax melts and other christmas gift ideas.

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Reasons behind the name changes In 2020 we launched Aroma Luxe, back then we saw a number of pop-up candle and wax melt makers in the UK using “Aroma” in the branding, we also received some negative reviews which were not meant for us as they purchased from other online traders with a similar name, this made us think more about our branding and how we need to distinguish ourselves. So, this year we rebranded our logo, registered our trademark and have learnt a lot about copyright and other trademarked materials. This helped us notice a number of scents and...

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