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Over the weekend, we rolled out a new logo. We changed our logo for a few reasons. First, the old logo was looking a little tired and because a simpler, more distinctive evolution of it could do that job better. The logo change felt natural and has added a fresh start to the company that we have grown to become in the last 12 months with the help of our lovely customers....Thankyou 🙏 Our first logo was created before we had a website and was just supplying wax melts for family & friends. It was a quick design put together from...

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Bath bombs… some people live by them; some people have never even tried them! Well, where do we start? Let’s jump into it by explaining what a bath bomb is! So, what is a bath bomb we hear you ask? A bath bomb is a dissolvable object that comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. It’s designed to be put in a bath where it fizzes up, releasing lots of ingredients to benefit your skin and make your bath much more enjoyable! So, what are you waiting for? It’s an essential to your bath so lets talk about how...

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We all know that feeling… when you spray your favourite scent at the start of the day. You feel amazing right? Your confidence goes through the roof and you feel as fresh as a daisy. Well, now you can have that same feeling and that same confidence. But instead, it’s your home that smells so good! If you want your home to smell amazing, it’s our Designer Perfume Wax Melts that will do the trick… Okay, first up we have the almighty Sauvage inspired by Dior. Sauvage is a modern, contemporary fragrance that never disappoints! A very manly scent which...

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Simmering Granules also known as Scented Sizzlers/Crystals are a very popular alternative to oils or wax, they are versatile little bursts of fragrance for your home. Simmering Granules are a natural salt based product with added colour and fragrance for use in oil or wax burners.

Scented Sizzlers are safe, clean and simple to use.

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Wax Melts are a very popular alternative to scented candles and diffusers at the this point in time. The cheaper price of Wax Melts allows our customers to sample a wider range of scents within our selection. What are Wax Melts? Wax melts are scented pieces of wax designed to be gently heated to release their fragrant aromas. They’re like candles but without the wick, soy wax is a natural alternative to paraffin, providing a clean burn that lasts longer and smells stronger. These crafted pieces of wax can easily be melted using either an electrical burner or a tea light heated burner. The luxury of wax melts is...

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