Aventus Fragrance Collection


Can you not get enough Creed® Aventus in your life? Well we have a great range of Creed® inspired scents. Infuse your home with our Kreed Wax Melt or add our Aventus Car Cologne to your travel space. 

This luxury aftershave scent is a favourite of sport royalty and well-dressed gents like David Beckham, no wonder this is at the top of mens gift lists. A bottle of Creed Aventus could set you back over £200 direct, save yourself an eye watering amount here at aroma luxe with our dupe options...

What does Aventus Creed smell like?

This intoxicating scent is made up of musk and woody aromas mixed with fruity and fresh smells. They include apple, bergamot, blackcurrant leaves, and pineapples. Creed combines plenty of scents that remind you of a romantic summer evening.

Still not convinced, try our wax sample pot for only £1, this is the perfect way to sample the luxurious scent of Aventus.