Reasons to shop at Aroma Luxe

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Reasons to shop at Aroma Luxe

Here at Aroma Luxe, our passion lies within creating the best products, combined with the best service for the best people… you. That’s our goal, to be the place to go for amazing scents! 

Okay, so what is it that makes us such a great place to shop? 

Free Delivery*

Firstly, we offer Free UK Delivery Over £30. We understand that feeling, when you add things to your basket, get through to checkout, then your order jumps up in price because of the delivery cost. We don’t want that for our customers, which is why we have Free UK Delivery for all orders over £30! Meaning you can shop in peace without the worry of shipping. 

Secure Checkout & Payments

Another way that we make it easy for all our customers to shop hassle free is with our option of paying using Klarna and Cleapay. This means that when your going about our website, shopping for all of your favourite bits, you don’t have the worry of one payment for your order. Instead, you have the option to split your payment across several smaller payments, meaning you can keep on top of your finances, and do it in style with the awesome scents of aroma luxe products! 


Now, this is something we have always wanted to keep at the forefront of our minds when building Aroma Luxe as a business. Something true to who we are… competitive prices. We want our products to be experienced by everyone, which is why we strive to ensure all of our products are reasonably priced and competitive, to ensure that you guys aren’t disappointed!

Through constant progression, we ensure that all of our products are of high quality despite the affordable price. Quality products at an affordable price are at the heart of what we do!

Over the last year, we have created special edition products to help develop our brand and quality. This helps us find new ways to develop products and source affordable materials and techniques to keep products competitive and fresh.


We love our customers. We really do! You are the reason we continue to create our amazing products to be loved by you guys.

Now, to pay this back to you… we have started a loyalty programme to reward those who keep coming back to our small business. We know who you are… Thank you!

So, you can earn points for every pound you spend! But it doesn’t just stop there… we also like to celebrate your Birthday with you, which is why you earn points on your Birthday too. Our gift to you! 

As well as this, when you sign up, we give you some points too as a welcoming to the family. Finally, when you guys share the love, we give it right back, which is why you earn points every time you share us on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram! Finally, we also give you the chance to earn even more…points whenever you leave a review. With all that is said, this might as well be called a giveaway! 

Now, what do your points mean exactly? We here you ask.. well, your points turn into discounts on your order and eventually, if you save them up, they translate directly into coupons so you can grab more of your favourite products for nothing! What’s not to like? 

New Products

Another great reason to shop at Aroma Luxe is because we are constantly developing new products and releasing them every month, so there’s always something to try! Don’t miss out on our new releases and check our website often to make sure you get in there first to try out even more amazing products! 

Giveaways & Freebies

Next up… at Aroma Luxe we love random acts of kindness and enjoy putting a smile on people’s faces. Which is why we run giveaways and throw a sweet treat in orders. Yep, to spread some positivity, we throw a pack of sweets in every order for you to enjoy while experiencing your Aroma Luxe products!

Another point we want to mention is the impact that shopping small and supporting small, family businesses goes a long way! Seriously, whenever you order from a small company, someone does a little happy dance. We’re not joking, ask any small business owner. 

International Delivery

Finally, we see you guys out there! Our international customers spread far and wide. All around the globe. We offer international delivery options for those of you that live overseas, so Aroma Luxe can be purchased, wherever you are! 

We hope you enjoyed reading about why aroma luxe should be your go to shop. We hope to see you soon 😊

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