An Introduction to Simmering Granules

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An Introduction to Simmering Granules

Simmering Granules also known as Scented Sizzlers/Crystals are a very popular alternative to oils or wax, they are versatile little bursts of fragrance for your home. Simmering Granules are a natural salt based product with added colour and fragrance for use in oil or wax burners.

Scented Sizzlers are safe, clean and simple to use.

What are Simmering Granules?

Simmering granules are in fact salt granules which have been infused with colour and fragrance. They’re like fragrance oil without the danger of spillage and burns, of course if you knock your burner over they will spill, but they are not going to embed into your furniture or carpet, you can even sweep or vacuum them up as they are not heated to scolding point like oil or wax, this can also give your hetty hoover or bin a fresh smell on the inside.

So if you are looking for an easier way to add a beautiful scent to your home or get rid of a nasty smell these little crystal granules will be your saviour.

How to use Simmering Granules

Just add a couple of teaspoons of simmering granules to your burner and pop a tea light underneath, as the granules heat up the scent fills the room with a wonderful aroma for several hours. The fragrance from the salt crystals will evaporate into the air leaving the salt residue in place. You will sometimes notice the coloured granules will fade which is a good indication that a change in granules is not too far away, you can get multiple burns from the scented sizzlers and once you stop smelling the scent then you know you need to replace or top-up your burner.

you can regulate the quantity of fragrance and how mild or strong you would like the scent, for a powerful smell you just add more simmering granules to the well of your burner.

Quick Step guide

  1. Pour as little or as much as you want into your burner well, Unlike wax melts they wont overflow. We usually recommend 1-2 teaspoons as a way to prolong the use of your supply.
  2. Light your T-Light and allow a few moments for the burner the heat up and you should notice the scent flood your room.
  3.  After a number of uses the colour will fade and your scent will be unnoticeable, simply dispose of the used granules and add a fresh scoop to repeat the process.

Can you mix and match Simmering Granules?

Yes, we know a few customers which combine a few of our scented sizzlers to make a unique aroma. We would love to hear of your mixology, leave comments below.

Are Simmering Granules bad for the environment?

No, these natural salt based crystals are environmentally friendly and biodegradable. 

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