Candle Accessory Set | Trimmer & Snuffer - Matte Black

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Add a touch of traditional elegance that's both decorative and practical. A must have for any candle lover, these tools allow you to maintain a fuller burn and extinguish a candle's flame.

Made with premium materials which are scratch-resistant and rust-proof, This  candle trimmer set is made of stainless steel and is coated in matte black. 

Candle Accessory Kit Includes;

  • Candle wick trimmer
  • Candle wick snuff device

To enjoy your candles to their fullest, a certain amount of care is required. Keeping their wicks trimmed properly will help your candles burn fully and last longer.

Have you ever wondered why you get black soot around your glass candle jars? This wouldn't be the case with candles from Aroma Luxe as we use eco friendly wax, but if you don't keep your wick in check the burn could generate a build up of soot causing a smoke ring around your candle jars. The Solution to this is to trim your wick after every 4 hours of burn time. Long or bent wicks can cause uneven burning, dripping or flaring.

How to trim your candle wick?

When wick trimming, first you should always extinguish the flame, let the candle cool to room temperature.

Now you can position your wick trimmers so you leave a wick length of ¼ inch or 6-7mm in height from the wax surface, snip off and remove any debris.

if you do this every-time you will have a longer and cleaner burn.


Why does my candle emits lots of smoke after blowing it out?

Use a snuffer or dip your wick to reduce the smoke

Why is my candle flame really tall?
Why does my flame emit black smoke?
Why does my wax seem to be burning really fast?

All of these questions can be answered with wick trimming, keeping your wick maintained resolves all of the issues mentioned above.


History of the Candle Snuffer

Introduced in the late 15th century, candle snuffers were common household implements because candle wicks had to be regularly trimmed to keep the length of burned wick from falling into the candle and creating a large uncontrolled flame. Nowadays these candle accessories are used as a quick and elegant way of maintaining your wax candles.