4 Hour Tea Light Candles (Unscented) - Pack Of 10

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The must have accessory to any wax addicts arsenal, the humble tealight which has a multitude of uses and can create an inviting and cosy atmosphere to any room with its warm flicker of light.

With a 4-hour burn time, the tea lights are designed to add a natural warmth and charm throughout the home. This pack of 10 tea lights from Aroma Luxe are a must for any oil or wax burner.

Plus, with excellent cost-per-use, these tea lights are ideal for bars, restaurants and coffee shops looking to create unique décors at a low-cost price.

Product features

  • Colour White
  • Unscented
  • Helps to create a warm and inviting atmosphere
  • 4-hour burn time
  • Standard sizing will fit most candle holders

These Tea Lights come as a pack of 10.



Keep out of reach of children and pets.
Do not light near flammable material.
Only use on heat resistant surface.